Revolution Parkour (RVPK) is dedicated to teaching parkour as taught by David Belle. Demonstrating respect and knowledge the Revolution Parkour instructor’s balance the teaching of proper parkour technique along with its philosophy and purpose, with training the physical condition comprised of strength, range of motion, aerobic endurance, bone density, joint alignment, and structural efficiency. Whether learning, training, or performing, parkour is first and foremost always safe, and keeping our students injury free through proper training and instruction is our number one priority.


Instructor and parkour professional Adam Dunlap started Revolution Parkour in 2008 as one of the largest and longest established parkour gyms in the United States. In 2011 Revolution Parkour, under new ownership, underwent an extensive remodel and continues to be one of the most versatile parkour facilities. As the Revolution Parkour students continue to grow in ability, multiple students have since become instructors allowing more students to learn parkour across the greater Portland areas.


Matt Antis – Owner & Parkour Instructor

After returning from Iraq with the United States Army and marrying his beautiful wife in 2010, Matt officially began parkour in February of 2011. He had practiced parkour at Oregon State with Adam Dunlap, a college room mate who first introduced him to the discipline but left his training for multiple Army schools. Matt’s favorite classes to teach are classes with real life or worst-case scenarios where parkour is necessary for survival or success. Out of all things Matt is most passionate about Jesus, the son of God, who has changed his life forever. He is also interested in politics, although he won’t talk politics at work, and his favorite discussions are about anything he isn’t supposed to talk about at the kitchen table. Recently he tries to spend as much time as he can with his wife and son when not training to become the most useful person on the planet.

Whitney Antis – Owner

Whitney graduated from Oregon State University in 2009, married her best friend Matt, and shortly after, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime when together they took on Revolution Parkour. Seeing firsthand the tremendous value that the discipline of parkour holds for kids and adults of all ages, she is excited for more and more people to discover it. She feels incredibly blessed to be able to meet and spend time with so many new and wonderful individuals and families through the gym.

Rick King – Head Parkour Instructor

Through childhood, Rick had always felt efficiency was one of the greatest virtues a human can strive for. He happened across the idea of parkour while surfing the web one day and its core principals struck a chord with him. He immediately started looking for classes around Portland and found Revolution Parkour. At the time, he had no idea how rare parkour teachers were or how lucky he was to find one nearby, but now he works to spread parkour like his first teacher, Adam Dunlap. He works to teach the value of efficiency in everything he does. The most important thing about RVPK to him is the emotional drive it gives him to surpass himself.

Chris Miller – Parkour Instructor

Chris moved to the Portland area on a whim from Chicago in 2008 looking for a change. Parkour was a bubbling desire for many years, but like many, he had no idea how to go about starting. A few months after settling in, he started looking for a path towards training and found to his surprise that classes were being taught at Adapt Training by Adam Dunlap (just on the other side of town). He started training with Adam in January of 2009 and has never looked back. Revolution Parkour, to me, is a haven of safety, family and innovation. Within this ultimate playground we are able to open our minds to thousands of possibilities in movement in a safe setting that we can then translate to the outside world with the movements already fully ingrained in our bodies.

Check out Chris’s video profile on the Revolution Parkour YouTube channel here.

Joey Adrian – Parkour & Freerunning Instructor

Joey has been officially training for a little over three years now (2013) but has been testing and training his body for as long as he can remember. He has always loved to test himself and expand his limits by jumping over different obstacles and climbing buildings. When he learned of parkour & freerunning, because he had built up his body awareness over years of practice, it didn’t take long for him to learn the basic vaults and movements but he says, “it will take many more years before they are perfected.” When he first began, he knew nothing about the difference in definitions between parkour & freerunning, in fact he was learning wall flips (through trial and error) at the same time he was learning the basic vaults. He was, and still is, out every day doing what he loves! To him the best thing about RVPK is that it brings the parkour community together giving everyone a safe place to train with each other and learn from one another. The fact that everyone has a common goal, to get better at parkour, means that it is easy for people to get along.

Check out Joey’s video profile on the Revolution Parkour YouTube channel here.

Niko – Parkour Instructor & Front Desk Clerk

Before learning Parkour, Niko was a couch potato that had given up on ­­the idea of being overly active. It was in his senior year of high school, by luck and friendship, that he first had a taste of Parkour. Falling in love with the sport immediately it became a passion that fueled many of his decisions. Parkour served as a gateway to new opportunities and life choices. Facing dissatisfaction with his current academic pursuits in computer science an internal debate began about what to study. With a moment of clarity it became evident that his passion for the Parkour would fuel his future study; Niko changed to a Health Science major. In February 2012, Niko broke his collar bone changing his perspective on how he can train. One surgery and a six month hiatus later he re-emerged ready to resume his training. The time off from training gave him an understanding of how he would need to train in order to stay safe and protect his body. It meant learning how to balance Parkour with physical conditioning. The importance of a balance between strength and technique is something Niko feels very adamantly about. He takes great pride in helping students learn how to use the Parkour movements to become stronger.

Check out Niko’s video profile on the Revolution Parkour YouTube channel here.

Austin – Front Desk Clerk & Parkour Instructor

Austin started training in 2010 for a class project.  The project was to try something that he had never done before.  So Austin thought why not Parkour?  He invited a couple of friends, one of which was Niko, and they were hooked.  Austin has always been jumping off of things and climbing tall trees, but now after years of training he can now do things he thought where once impossible.  Parkour, for him, is not just a way to be active.  Austin’s life has changed because of it.  He looks at everything different and tries to find the most efficient way of getting something done.



“Parkour is a method of training which allows us to overcome obstacles, both in the urban and natural environments. It’s a weapon in disguise. We train… and when one day we encounter a problem, we know that we are able to use it.  It can be the art of flight, of the chase, of helping someone with a problem, something ordinary.” – David Belle

David Belle

David Belle (born 29 April 1973) is well known as the founder of parkour. Belle founded parkour based on his training and the teachings from his father Raymond Belle. The discipline has since spread around the world and now has adherents in virtually every country. Belle is also an actor and choreographer, and he is well known for his work incorporating parkour into films such as in District B13, Babylon A.D., and Prince of Persia. (Source: Wikipedia)

Revolution Parkour gives respect to David Belle as the founder of parkour and they listen to what he says about the discipline. “If we don’t demonstrate respect where it is due then how can we expect our students to respect us? If there is no respect then you can’t have Parkour, because without respecting each other or your surroundings there would be no environment to train in.” –Matt Antis

To learn more about David Belle click here to visit his website.